Atex Stainless Steel Adapter Reducer Ex d/e IP66 - IP68

Adapter reducer stainless steel Ex d/e IP66 - IP68 metric to NPT and NPT to metric nickel plated or stainless steel. Operating temperature of -70°C to + 400°C.

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Atex Stainless Steel Adapter Reducer Ex d/e IP66 - IP68 · GlakorGlakor

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  • Logo IECEx · Glakor
  • Logo IP68 · Glakor
  • Logo 5 year anti-corrosion · Glakor
    5 year anti-corrosion
  • Logo Chemical resistant · Glakor
    Chemical resistant
  • Logo Corrosion resistant · Glakor
    Corrosion resistant
  • Logo Easy to clean · Glakor
    Easy to clean
  • Logo Scrach resistant · Glakor
    Scrach resistant
  • Logo Temperature resistant · Glakor
    Temperature resistant
  • Logo Waterproof · Glakor


Adapter reducer Ex d/e IP66 - IP68 metric to NPT and NPT to metric.

  • Material:
    • Nickel-plated brass 
    • Stainless steel AISI316L
  • Operating temperature of -70°C to + 400°C.


  • Protection class: IP66 / IP68
  • Application fields: Surface - Group II • Mines - Group I
  • Protection type and normative:​
    • Ex db IIC • Ex eb II (gas) • Ex tb IIIC (polvos) • Ex db I • Ex eb I (minas)
    • Atex: EN 60079-0:2012 • EN 60079-1:2014 • EN 60079-7:2015 • EN 60079-31:2014 • EN 60529:1991
    • IECEx: IEC 60079-0:2011 • IEC 60079-1:2014 • IEC 60079-7:2015 • IEC 60079-15:2010 • IEC 60079-31:2013 • IEC 60529:1989

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Atex Stainless Steel Adapter Reducer Ex d/e IP66 - IP68 · Glakor
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Atex Stainless Steel Adapter Reducer Ex d/e IP66 - IP68 · Glakor


Atex Stainless Steel Adapter Reducer Ex d/e IP66 - IP68 · Glakor
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