Amazon is well known as a global commercial operator that has revolutionised the way e-commerce behaves. With an exceptional customer focus and extraordinary service, it is less well known that they are one of the world's leading providers of data over the internet, a core part of their business in which they have vast resources.

These AWS data centres are secure by design and by their controls. Before building a new data centre, they spend countless hours assessing potential threats and designing, implementing, and testing controls to ensure that the systems, technology and people we employ counter the risks. In this case, they plan to build in Burgo de Ebro (Aragon), a high-capacity, low-latency area that is essential for the smooth running of the centre.

Amazon Web Services regions are geographic areas in which data centres are located. Each of these centres is called an 'availability zone', and in each region there may be one or more. In Aragon, for example, there will be three, but in Virginia, USA, there are six. Availability zones are interconnected by high-capacity, low-latency lines, but at a safe enough distance so that no catastrophe can bring down the entire region. This, according to Amazon, "makes it possible to build services that are highly fault tolerant and allows customers to develop applications that are also highly fault tolerant, as well as to create critical applications".



In this case, the solution we proposed was very specific because what was required was for the electronic equipment to be perfectly connected and not to produce interference with a correct seal. With this in mind, the Glakor nickel plated cable glands  with a length of 15mm are the solution that has all the relevant approvals for this type of installation.

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Amazon is well known as a global commercial operator that has revolutionised the way e-commerce...
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